Fire risk assessment checklist – For small premises with paying guests
Responsible person:Christine Burton
Address of premises:
The Chestnuts, Bridge Street, Shilton, OX184AB, Oxfordshire
Number of floors:2
Number of rooms:12 
Cotswolds Stone walls and Cotswold slate roof, 
Date of fire risk assessment:
Date of previous fire risk assessment:
Suggested date for review:

Fire hazards and controls
Are fixed electrical installations inspected and tested every 5 years?
Yes  - these inspections to date have coincided with renovations to the cottage which have been more frequently than every five years. Plugs are always visually inspected, also underfloor heating thermostats are monitored and a number have been replaced over time. An updated electrical supply was fitted by the electricity board when we fitted a Tesla ev charger in 2022. 
Are electrical appliances periodically inspected and tested?
Yes  - appliances are inspected visually at the turnarounds, we also have electrical items PAT tested periodically, in the past this has been every two to three years but will now be a yearly inspection. 
Is the use of trailing leads and adaptors avoided where possible?
Yes – we avoid where possible adaptors and trailing leads. We do however, use them occasionally say at Christmas time for decorations etc. 
Are gas appliances inspected and tested every 12 months?
There is no gas at The Chestnuts
Is smoking permitted on the premises?
No, we do not allow vaping or the use of candles or tea lights in the property. 
Are suitable arrangements in place for those who wish to smoke?
No – This is a No Smoking House and Garden (due to our eco status and respect to wildlife, there is no smoking in our gardens due to the dangers to Hedgehogs of ingesting cigarette butts). In the garden we do not allow the use of fireworks, sparklers or Chinese lanterns.
Are the premises adequately secured to prevent unauthorized access?
Yes – Other than staff, only guests with the access code to the key box can retrieve the kay and enter the cottage
Are combustible materials, waste and refuse bins stored safely clear of the premises or in purpose-built compounds/rooms?
Yes – there is a separate waste area in the front of the cottage, in dedicated wheelie bins enclosed in outer wooden bins. We also have only small rubbish bins in the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms etc so that guests are encouraged to empty them frequently.
Are fixed heating systems subject to periodic maintenance?
Yes – The oil fired boiler which supplies hot water and the radiators is serviced annually and is on a repair service contract. It was last serviced by G & O Engineers Witney.
Are portable heaters subject to periodic inspection and used safely?
Yes – we only supply a couple of electric fan heaters for use by guests in a cold snap, as underfloor electric heating doesn’t heat up instantly. These fans are part of the electrical Pat testing.
Are there adequate fire precautions in the use of open fires and log burners? e.g. regular chimney sweeping
Yes the wood-burner stove in the lounge has the chimney swept every year. We also supply a fire guard and a metal bucket for Ash collection. The rug in the louneg does not touch the hearth.
Are adequate measures taken to prevent fires from cooking equipment? e.g. prohibiting deep fat fryers
Yes – we do not supply deep fat fryers and it is specifically mentioned as not allowed in our Terms and Conditions. We also have an Electric Induction hob which switches itself off if not in use.
Are filters and ductwork subject to regular cleaning?
Yes – the kitchen extractor fan has detachable grills and are regularly cleaned, to de-grease.
Is the standard of housekeeping adequate to avoid the accumulation of combustible materials and waste e.g. from tumble dryers?
Yes – on each turnaround the tumble dryer is inspected for lint build up. We do not rely on guests to do this job.
Are combustible materials kept separate from ignition and heat sources?
Yes – we keep logs, kindling and paper for lighting the fire in separate baskets and although close to the fireplace they are not in contact with it. The long handled gas lighter is also kept in the kitchen drawer. We do not leave guests firelighter cubes. 
Is it ensured that all contractors who undertake work on the premises are competent and qualified?
Yes – we only employ qualified professionals.
Are suitable measures in place to address the fire hazards associated with the use and storage of dangerous substances?
Yes – dangerous substances such as Petrol for the lawn mower are kept in a separate shed in the garden, away from the house. Any flammable cleaning liquids are kept in the locked housekeeping cupboard or in the shed.
Are there any other significant fire hazards in the premises?
If the answer to the above question is yes, please list each hazard and any control measure to reduce the risk of fire, in the box below. If the answer to any question is no, include suitable action within the Action Plan.
Fire protection measures
Are all escape routes kept clear of obstructions to enable people to escape safely?
Are all fire exits easily and immediately openable?
Yes – the patio doors to the rear of the property are all key operated and keys are in them at all times. The front door has an internal thumb turn, so there is no need for a key from inside the property to exit through it.
Are distances to final exits considered reasonable?
Yes – they are all less than 18m
Do the walls and structures protecting the stairway and escape routes provide an adequate level of fire resistance?
Yes to our knowledge, an inspection by a fire risk assessor is booked for the 15th September 2023 to check this.
Is the fire resistance of doors to stairways and escape routes considered adequate?
Yes –in our opinion the majority of internal doors are oak panel doors and would give some resistance, however we will be covering this with the assessor. 
Where necessary, are doors fitted with suitable self-closing devices that close the doors effectively?
We have no self-closing doors. However, in our information to guests we ask them to close all doors at night before going to bed. 
Are there adequate levels of artificial lighting provided in the escape routes?
There is no artificial lighting provided, however, each bedroom has a wind up torch in the bedside cabinet.
Where necessary, has a reasonable standard of emergency escape lighting been provided?
Where necessary, is a reasonable standard of fire exit and fire safety signs provided?
We do not have any fire exit signs, due to the small size of the cottage exits will already be known to the guests. We also have a section about “in the event of a fire” on our Welcome Sheet that is left on the table for guests to see and read on entry to the cottage. We also have this information on our TouchStay digital guide and on our website. We also have provided a Fire Action sheet at each property.
Are smoke and/or heat alarms/detectors provided and is the extent and coverage considered adequate? Consider also CO alarms.
Yes  - we have the following alarms – 
Entry area
            Smoke detector hard wired
A Smoke detector  
            A Heat detector 
            A Carbon monoxide detector
            A smoke detector
Dining Area
            Covered by entry area as open plan to it.
Stairs / Landing old wing
            A smoke detector

Stairs and landing new wing
            Smoke detector
Is there a reasonable provision of firefighting equipment (fire extinguishers, fire blankets)?
Yes – However, we do not supply fire extinguishers and as we do not expect guests to fight a fire but to get everyone out of the property asap.
We do supply a fire blanket in the kitchen and another in the BBQ bucket that stands in the kitchen. This is to be used to cover a small pan or BBQ fire but is also there to protect any individual from a fire when existing the property.
Record brief details of the above measures in the box below. If the answer to any question is no, include suitable action within the Action Plan.
Management of fire safety
Are procedures in the event of fire appropriate and documented?
Yes  - we display a Fire Action Notice, it is also noted in our TouchStay guide and on the website and our welcome laminated sheet.
Is the information on fire safety and the action to take in the event of a fire given to guests?
Yes – each guest gets access to the TouchStay guide prior to arrival, plus the information is always available on our website.
Are any staff members given regular instruction and training on the action to take in the event of a fire?
N/a – staff are not on site, so are not trained
Are frequent checks carried out to ensure exit routes are kept clear and fire exits remain easily openable?
Yes – housekeepers are aware of these risks and so would check that exits were clear between each set of guests. 
Are periodic checks carried out on fire doors to ensure they remain in good condition and close effectively?
Yes – although we do not have any specific fire doors, all doors and fittings at the cottage are regularly visually inspected by the housekeepers.
Are domestic smoke and heat alarms tested at least monthly? Include CO alarms in testing.
Yes and the tests are recorded.
Where fitted, are weekly testing and six-monthly servicing routines in place for the fire detection and alarm system?
N/a  there is no alarm system at the Chestnuts. 
In self-catering premises, are all smoke/heat alarms (or fire detection and alarm systems, where fitted) tested at every changeover?
Where fitted, are monthly and annual testing routines in place for the emergency escape lighting?
N/a as we do not have emergency escape lighting, however, checks are made on the presence of the wind up torches in each bedroom, as occasionally guests do take these home with them.
Where provided, are fire extinguishers subject to annual maintenance?
N/a Not provided, as we do not want to tempt guests to try and fight a fire but instead to exit the building asap.