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What makes us Eco

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What makes us Eco

Since 2005, when we started, Eco Chic Cottages has been run as a place where Luxury and Sustainability meet. Both cottages quickly gained Gold Eco accreditation from Green Tourism and Eco Chic Cottages has run as a Carbon Neutral Business since 2010.

We have been recognized by the tourism industry for our 'Responsible, Ethical and Sustainable' approach to Tourism, winning many awards.

We are also recognised as a sustainability champion within our area.

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Insect hotel

Eco Chic Cottages makes its contribution to preserving the environment and to minimising climate change. We do this in many ways. These small steps also help to preserve habitats, eco systems and to promote awareness of sustainability.

We operate the ‘Small Steps Approach’, doing whatever we can, whenever we can – from insulating the properties, installing efficient underfloor heating, LED lighting, purchasing green electricity to composting and recycling. We have encorporated bird and bat nesting boxes into the properties during renovations. We have installed bird boxes, insect hotels and plants which support biodiversity. The new drystone wlal at The Chestnuts is hedgehog friendly by design. 

You can book your stay with us knowing you are doing the right thing by the environment and by staying with us you too are contributing to a more sustainable tourism industry and a better world.

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